When Choosing An Affiliate Product Keep 3 Things in Mind

When Choosing An Affiliate Product Keep 3 Things in Mind if you really want to succeed at Affiliate Marketing.  To add to this if you choose the right affiliate product that you also like you will be more heart felt to your audience.

choosing an affiliate product

When Choosing An Affiliate Product Keep 3 Things in Mind

Today’s topic is about the three must haves when choosing an affiliate product.

We’re learning about this today because as entrepreneurs we all should want to be excellent at everything we do including choosing an affiliate product.

This information will help you to be excellent when choosing an affiliate product to promote on your blog or website.

Here’s a quote by one of my favorite quarterbacks from the 70’s that really resonates with me…

“There is no traffic jam along the extra mile.” –Roger Staubach

Choosing an Affiliate Product

Okay let’s dig in, so here are the three must haves when choosing an affiliate product.

Number one is you must believe in the product.

Make sure that the vendor is credible, do they do what they say they’re going to do?

Does the product deliver everything the vendor claims on the sales page?

If so, then put the first must have in the yes column.

The second must have is how is the support with this vendor?

Do they have a good track record and how is their refund rate?

The refund rate should tell you how good their support is or give you an idea of how good it is.

If the support is not real good they will have a high refund rate so make sure to check all that out.

The reason that good support is crucial is because you’re going to be sending this offer to your audience.

When you send affiliate offers you’re audience you’re saying to them…

They believe that you know choosing an affiliate product is something you take seriously.

Hey I believe in this product, I believe that it’s worth your hard-earned money to purchase it.

Make sure you protect your audience and send them only top notch affiliate offers from top notch vendors.

Third must have that an affiliate must know about is are other affiliates making money with this product?

Choosing an Affiliate Product Takes a Vendor With a Good Track Record for Creating Good Products

You can check the stats on the affiliate platform that they are promoting the product through like JVZoo and Warrior+ etc…

You can get all the data like how many sales for the product so far and the vendor too.

The refund rate and conversion rate is all readily available for affiliates to see on these platforms also.

These are the three things you must know before you decide to even request links for an affiliate offer.

Otherwise you might be promoting products to your audience that are no good.

Remember that your audience or your email list is the core of your business.

So, as an affiliate marketer you have to protect that asset & think of it as your goose that laid the golden egg.

So, each time that you promote an affiliate product be sure to check off all three things that I’ve covered here.

  1. Make sure that you believe in the product.
  1. Make sure that they have a good support system for the customers and the customers can get their questions answered.

If you don’t you’re going to get refunds and have to pay money back that you thought you already made.

  1. Lastly, are other affiliates making money already with this product?

If it’s a new product have they made money with products that this vendor has already launched?

You want to associate yourself with winners that are making sales and that know how to make sales.

This will make the affiliate marketing process for you much easier.

I hope this information helps, so go take action & make some sales!!!

Also remember…”There is no traffic jam along the extra mile.” –Roger Staubach

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