Build An Audience Online Like Successful Marketers Do

Build An Audience Online Like Successful Marketers Do

One of my favorite quotes about successful people is by Mike Gafka…

Let me ask you a question??  Why do you want to build an audience for?  If you build an audience without a “WHY” then you’re missing out on the success one could have when they build an audience.

If you’re an online marketer to be successful you must build an audience that knows and trusts you.

Your audience will see you as an expert in your niche…

There are countless places that you can create authority online to build an audience online.

Here are a couple of them…


Create a profile if you don’t already have one then create one.

Once you have your profile up then join a few FaceBook groups.

Make sure that they have over 1,000 members in them and engage in the discussion.

This is a good way to build an  audience online…

Be on top of who comments and reacts to your posts and be sure to send friend requests.

Also, be sure to comment and like their posts as well.

Remember, these people may be a customer one day which is why you need to build an audience ASAP.

Make sure to engage with these groups each day if possible for a few minutes…just be a part of the scene so people recognize you and remember you.

Build an Audience By Creating Content Regularly

Next, create a post for your wall at least once a week, (preferably a lot more), make sure it’s congruent with your niche, it should be helpful material for your followers.

Generally I try to put one good post a week on a topic relevant to the niche.

It’s a good way to build an audience in social media.

Make sure when you get a comment to acknowledge them by liking the comment and always reply and say thanks for the compliment.

I know that sounds like common sense or courtesy but it goes a long way to building an audience that is responsive.

Once you have a few thousand or more friends it’s ok to tell them about products and software that has helped you gain traction in your business.

build an audience

Compelling Content Helps Build An  Audience Online

Post some compelling info about the product to entice them to buy. Then drop your affiliate link in the first comment.

Make sure you put at the end of the post that they can get a copy of the product by clicking your link in the first comment below.

Just remember to be helpful and not pushy, otherwise it will hurt your sales conversions.

Keep the sales pitches to a minimum of 3 or 4 a month and you’ll do pretty well.

The next online audience we’ll talk about is a responsive email list of hungry buyers…

The first emails you send to a subscriber should be about events that you’ve experienced in your life or business.

I get more opens when I tell the subscribers a story and use the “soap opera method”.

I know… what is the “soap opera method”…right?

Think of How a Soap Opera Can Build an Online Audience

The writers introduce you to a few characters and put them in some sort of predicament that is a crisis in their life or is at least uncomfortable for the main character or characters.

Then they end the episode at a point in time where the audience is left wanting to know what happens next.

Think about a story that happened to you in your life and write it out on a word document…make it interesting and compelling.

Then break it up into a series of emails usually 3. At the beginning of the subject line of each email put (Day 1 of 3) or something of that nature.

Be sure to end each email at a point in the story when your readers will look forward to the next email and open it.

Learn How to Tell Captivating Stories

This works very well because it serves 2 purposes, the first is they get to know who you are, so you start to build trust with them and build rapport.

The second purpose is it gets them used to opening your emails and caring about what you have to say.

If you get good at writing these types of emails people will even reply and compliment you on the content.

Once the audience is ”warmed up” and has a good idea of who you are and what you’re about personally… start creating excitement about future emails that they will be interested in opening.

For example “Hey, be on the lookout for my email next week about the new product I’m about to launch on “How To Make Money Online”.


“Watch your email inbox on next Wednesday for a free report on sending traffic to your affiliate offers…

The idea is to try to get them excited about getting your emails so they will open them and eventually buy from you.

The download link should be a red or a black button because they work the best.

Make sure you can track how many people clicked and downloaded the report.

This will get your audience used to clicking on links which is essential for you to sell affiliate products.

Make sure the products you endorse are products you have bought and used or would buy and use.

Don’t promote any junk, think long term and treat your list well and they will treat you well by being a loyal customer.

Keep up with your list and pay attention to them, you’ll know what types of products they will gravitate towards buying…

Always remember that the money is in the list!!!

I hope you have learned something today about how to build an audience that responds to your value added content.  I know it is not easy to build an audience online or offline for that matter.  But the face remains that we need to.

Check out how you can build an audience organically.


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