5 ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

5 ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

5 ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

ClickBank has stood the test of time and has proven itself to be one of the top digital product marketplaces on the planet.

Some might even say they’re the best. Several marketers have become millionaires on the platform, both vendors and affiliates.

You can rest assured that if your affiliate marketing skills are solid, you too can earn a very lucrative income in this marketplace. Let’s see how you can get the best results from promoting ClickBank products.

Analyze the product’s stats before promoting

The ClickBank affiliate marketplace will show you the product’s commission rate, gravity score, if it has recurring payments and so on. Study these stats and choose a product that has recurring payments, if possible.

After all, the product must be suitable for your niche. In some cases, there may be no products with recurring payments, but there are one-time purchase products that are a perfect fit for you niche. Go ahead and promote these products.

The gravity score should be taken with a pinch of salt. If the score is very high, there will be a ton of competition and maybe you’ll want to avoid promoting it.

In fact, what many beginners don’t know is that several of the ClickBank products in the 20-50 gravity range used to be in the top 10 list before.

People have just stopped promoting them as much. So, decide which product you’ll promote and make sure it has a high converting sales page.

Build Your Own Blog

You’ll definitely want to build a blog just so that you can post articles related to the topic in the niche. Make sure you’re using a clean WordPress theme so that your blog looks great.

Since you’ll be doing email marketing, you can point subscribers to your blog posts when you wish to educate them.

Consistently blogging about the ClickBank product you’re promoting will also help you rank in the search engine for the product name over time.

If the product has longevity, people will search for it and find your site and buy through your affiliate links.

Create a Landing Page for Your Visitors

Whether you’re using paid ads or free traffic, you’ll want to point all links to a landing page. It’s best to use a page builder to create a clean, high-converting landing page.

Once the visitor signs up for your lead magnet, they can be taken to the product’s sales – while an email goes to their inbox with a link to download the freebie.

In this way, they’ll see the offer while ending up on your email list. That’s fantastic.

Create Your Own Welcome Email Sequence

Generally, you’ll want to have an effective autoresponder with a high deliverability rate. You’ll also have an email sequence of 5 emails to warm up your subscriber.

In the first email, you’ll give them the freebie and also point them to the product you’re promoting.

In your second email, you’ll deliver some valuable content and have a link in your P.S. telling them to check out the product you’re promoting.

In the third email, you’ll deliver more value and point them to your blog… and in the fourth email, you’ll tell them about a different product that’s related to the niche they’re in. Keep things fresh.

Learn How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Keep It Flowing

You’ll want to focus on either paid or free traffic. Many of the top ClickBank affiliates focus on paid traffic such as Facebook ads, Google Ads, Microsoft ads and so on – because paid traffic gives instant results and feedback.

However, if you don’t have the budget for paid ads, you can leverage free traffic methods such as social media marketing, blogging and so on. It’ll take you time but you’ll still get sales eventually.

Remember to use a link tracking tool to see how your links are performing. You’ll then know where to focus your attention and scale up.

Making money with ClickBank is more of a marathon than a sprint. So take your time and keep plugging away.

Once the traffic starts trickling in, it’ll just be a matter of time before it snowballs and your affiliate sales skyrocket.

Keep on keeping on until you get there. Slow progress is still progress.

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